I am an artist.

The best way I can describe myself (myself being a non-fixed and boundless set of experiences in a constant state of becoming, obv), is as an artist.

"Creativity often comes from survival skills, from having to solve problems in inventive ways because you did not have more obvious means at your disposal. Many people tend to associate creativity with freedom and moving laterally across a field of possibilities; in fact, creativity is frequently a response to limits and it usually demands a vertical, deeper incursion into the material.”

Enrique Martinéz Celaya

Final project submitted for a front end web development course.

A short essay written for The Satanic Temple.

Projects related to increasing kindness in civic behavior.

A short written piece on the parallel skills possessed by visual artists and project managers.

"Show Me Your Now" is a collaborative photography project created in the spring of 2012.

I am interested in the way we understand our surroundings, and this project is an investigation of the phenomenon of observation.

On February 14th, I emailed friends and family asking them to capture images of "now" as often as it occurred to them, day or night, as frequently as they liked until April 14th.

I wanted as clear and unencumbered a view as they could manage - an image captured and released at its very inception.

With this in mind, I imposed two restrictions: First I asked that they not include themselves in their photos, and second I asked that the images be captured and sent via mobile phone, with no post-processing and as little premeditation as possible.

With Show Me Your Now, a photo project that encouraged participants to focus a thoughtful lens on anonymous moments, I hoped to explore the ways in which we select and interpret the salient demonstrations of our consciousness.

Presented here is every photograph I received, in random order.

Choices can be an artistic practice. Every 30 days, I renounce someting to examine my relationship with it. This is an archive of what I've renounced and thoughts on the experience.